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Interior design and decor are our calling. We thrive through our designs and, as a result, we invest ourselves into each project of interior design. Thus, we take care of every detail so that you only concern is to make the most of your bespoke surroundings.

In all our projects, every room, detail and element of the layout complements each other in pursuance of the generation of different feelings and embodied experiences. We contemplate interior design from an intimate perspective, and we consider ourselves proudly aware of the fact that neither two spaces, nor two clients, are identical.

We aim to create unique spaces, soulful places, and, with that goal in mind, our service is bespoke: we listen to the client, we acknowledge their necessities and expectations; we plan each space to have a distinctive character that is perfectly tailored to its inhabitants.

Within Tinda’s Project, we devote ourselves to the successful completion of interior design and décor projects in Barcelona. Home decor, together with the design of commercial spaces, hotels and restaurants, is one of our delights while being also passionate about landscaping and exterior garden design.

Interior design... thrive with each space

At Tinda's, we have a different gaze. We have learnt to breathe in the life of the enclosure we design, to create welcoming spaces, environments that embrace its inhabitants and allow them to feel, sense, dream.

We love closeness, being present during each phase of the project and working side by side with each and every one of the professionals involved in the makeover of each space. Interior design and decor are emotions, feelings.

We create matchless places making sure that our passion reflects in present in all the rooms we design…

... and that makes them unique.

Interior design studio in Barcelona

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