About us

Places without people are only spaces

The base of our philosophy is to convert passion, dreams and ideas, in special places, unique ones, imbued with the character of the people who have thought of them, who have imagined them, and to transform all this energy into something real – a place and a space to be lived.

Tinda’s soul

Eva Mesa

Ever since I was little, I already had fun designing, organizing and creating a place that would define my essence and my personality, which would be more than a simple beautiful place to stay. Not knowing, I was already unleashing what, sometime later, would be my vocation.

During my study time at UAB and DIAC (Designers, Interior Designers and Arts of Catalunya – Diseñadores, Interioristas y Artes de Catalunya), I started working on the family business – a furniture industry. There I could learn, from the hands of the people that worked there, the pleasure for the details and the care at each step of the process. Hence, I could, with this knowledge, start to develop my own pieces and introduce myself, in this privileged fashion, to the world of interior design.

Fifteen years ago, I decided to take my interior design vision further by funding Tinda’s Project. It was a project that integrated several subjects, among them, one of the most important subject connected to interior design, which is landscaping, with a vision distanced from the aesthetic criteria imposition. With the illusion of making my clients the true center of the process, and share with them the experience of creating places like home.

Manuel Maillo

Guided by my grandfather since I was little, I’ve found the Mediterranean landscapes, the respect for the rhythm and nature processes. These teachings have always been with me in my professional career, becoming, with time, a way of understanding life, a philosophy.

Working with living elements, nature, recognizing that, sometimes, it is like a spiritual exercise. Creating something that will grow, evolve and that will be tightly bonded to the people that enjoy it. Also, trying to subtly educate its changes, influence its shapes, colors, lights and sounds. It fascinates me.

I do not understand nature as just a beautiful landscape. From my point of view, there is a very concrete and useful part in landscaping. Thermal insulation, reforestation, improving air quality, among others, they are all results of my daily job converging with architecture, botany, geology, feng-shui, and also metaphysics.

All this with a greater objective – translate any clients’ ideas into authentic emotions.


Eva Mesa.One of the most exclusive talents of interior design in Spain.


Diseño. Meet Eva Mesa
AMBIENTES. México 2013

Eva Mesa, with a Catalan touch.
OD CASAS. Venezuela 2013

Catalan Imprint
PAULA CASA. Uruguay 2013

Eva Mesa. One of the most exclusive talents of interior design in Spain

We create warm and cozy places.
EL MUNDO. España 2009

A house reborn from its ashes.
HABITANIA. España 2006