When the autumn chill begins to approach the textiles take center stage in homes. This is an interesting and easy way to change the look of a room that brings a touch of warmth and can renew the decor without making a big investment. Although this technique of playing with fabrics may be useful for virtually any room in the home, the fact is that the bedroom is where greater capacity offered thanks to the remarkable importance of the bed as the main center of the composition.

Colors and textures

The combination of color and texture factors is the key to that change in the decor of the room through the tissues. With autum decoration in neutral tones, this game interior gives an excellent result because the main points of interest lie with tissues that are introduced.

Thus, with the arrival of autumn can bet on a change in the duvet cover, blanket at the foot of the bed, sheets and pillows, pillows, curtains and carpets. Save the thin and light summer fabrics with light and bright colors to replace them with something warmer earth tones like red or orange is an excellent way to shift the overall look of a room. They also give an excellent result opaque blue and various shades of gray that expand the range of combination with other colors in the room.

Fabrics to await the arrival of winter

With some heavier fabrics and a more obvious texture is achieved bringing the room to a more welcoming and prepared for further aspect of winter. Heavy fabrics are best suited for these environments for its tender warmth. Thus, wool blankets woven by hand are perfect allies also add texture and curl up call them.

In this sense they play an important role fleecy fabrics and, of course, the Nordic spongy offering a wide variety of designs in their holsters to change quickly and with ease giving a new look to the bedroom decor.

Hair carpets under the feet of the bed also help get that warm touch in the general assembly. It is always interesting to combine these elements, looking for the right limit, with curtains, with heavier than those used in summer trend pads that provide different touches within the set as well as other items such as table runners or carpets covering fabric furniture or wall.

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