Awareness for the environment and the growing interest in leading a healthy and active life leads many people to decide on the bicycle as a method of daily transportation to move around the city, go to work, studies or to do sport on a daily basis. It is an excellent option which, however, entails a problem of space in small apartments.

This option of transport and leisure can become a big problem if we don’t have a place to store it at home. In addition, for the lucky ones who do have a suitable area in which placed bicycle without become a continuous obstacle, the fact of having it saved you can get to become an excuse to not use it on a daily basis and, therefore, the bike becomes an element that remains stationary in a storage room.

Very often also find bicycles evil stored in terraces or balconies with intent to have it on hand when needed without taking up space inside the house. This also becomes a disadvantage because outsiders can corrode the components of the bike and dirtying oxidizing it to fail to work. Similarly, take the bike on the balcony prevent the enjoyment of the home space that otherwise could become an interesting area of ​​relief.

To provide a solution to all these problems of space and keep intact the use of cycling as a daily transportation or for sport daily, here we offer a very interesting proposal that integrates bicycle in the decoration into one more element.

Especially useful for this purpose are the different types of furniture and pieces designed specifically to hang the bike on a wall. From more discreet designs with just a hook up to the most complete with areas for storing accessories and other accessories, this type of furniture give an effective solution to the problem of space and make the bike in the decoration element that adds a touch of modernity to the set of the home.

When choosing the most suitable hanger must keep in mind the colors and type of interior decoration that highlights in each House to achieve a result that is integrated successfully in the set to look like a discordant element.

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