It is often thought that the black color decoration is virtually taboo. This is a very risky tone for their specific features and, despite its elegance and its enormous advantages in terms of decoration are not many people who decide to use color as an essential protagonist.

But we must not demonize any color, let alone the black, it is a tone that is booming as a trend in interior design and its use is presented as an added value in the autumn and winter season. To learn how to use this risky tone without loss of light in a room and knowing the limits of its possibilities, it is interesting to note a few simple tips that eliminate the negative qualities commonly attributed to this elegant color.

Contrary to common belief, the black color does not eclipse the rest of the decor. Rather it is the opposite effect, dark and neutral background of black wall or floor of the same color allow stand out with special force the other tones providing a vivid contrast and interest marked by originality appearance.

The dark tones in interior design projects

The secret of success in using this dark tone for the design and interior decoration is knowing combine with soft colors seeking balance. Also, one should never forget the importance of good lighting will achieve better results if it is daylight or white lights, cold tone.

The color combination with the black can be virtually infinite, however, the whole star in this sense is the union with white for a modern look that alludes to the vintage style of the 60s to achieve seamless integration of both tones without discordant notes is preferable to opt for a light gray instead of pure white.

The use of such a dark tone in the decoration of a stay is especially recommended for large and well-lit rooms or commercial spaces, however, an application designed for each space and emphasizing the importance of light, black can also be an very interesting choice for smaller rooms. Again, the secret of success will add notes of white light through color, advocating clean minimalist designs and invest heavily in natural light.

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