Candles to decor are great resources for the extensive possibilities offered in designs, colors, sizes and types, as well as the possibility of providing aroma and light creating unique environments of great interest to any home. As versatile as attractive, candles become elements of interior and exterior lighting in all cases providing a cozy touch of warmth that can make the difference between a common decoration and another to pay special attention to detail.

Some of the advantages of using candles as the main decorative element in interior design is the quality of the final result with a low cost and versatile aesthetic that can adapt to different environments and used at any time of year.

When introducing the candles in the decor is interesting to have a nice presence of spices. Scented candles are especially recommended for outdoor use due to its smell refined delicacy that can reach a share of the breeze. Excess scented candles inside the home can become excessive and counterproductive, however, the air of a yard, garden or terrace balances the smell to encourage your enjoyment.

Combine candles with holders of natural stones, wood or ceramic pots allow you to add a rustic touch that emphasizes the feeling of homeliness in decor.

Candles, also outdoors and gardens

For those who are lucky enough to have a garden in which to place a small fountain or pond, you can enjoy the friendly atmosphere provided by floating candles. It is a very effective way to create a unique decor for special moments emphasizing the dynamics of the flame in combination with water and enhancing the natural beauty of the lighting elements. Those without this possibility can substitute the source or pond water in jars to deposit small candles set on becoming an excellent centerpiece with a style of Zen influence.

Here are some general tips interior using candles as the star element, however, imagination and creativity can be the main basis for creating new styles. In any case, we must never forget the importance of safety when dealing with elements with a real flame.

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