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Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style decorating

The Mediterranean decor is based on Mediterranean coastal areas of Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey and North Africa and what they have in common all these areas are brightness, color and freshness. A style where prevail the colors ranging from white to blue and brown.

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workspaces for children

How to design workspaces for children

From a certain age it is essential that children are to study and do their homework every day for a while. And for this, it is best to have a private study area that allows them to concentrate fully. Providing a space where they have them all and it is enjoyable encourage them to study and also to enjoy the study itself.

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The baby room

The baby room: beyond pink and blue

If you’re expecting a baby, one of the issues that often do more illusion is the decoration of the room smaller. And the tradition is that if what is to be born is a boy, the predominant color is blue, whereas if we expect a girl decant the rose. However, more and more those who decide to flee from these traditions and find new alternatives.

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to maximize space

How to maximize bathroom space

Bathroom decor goes beyond getting a nice aesthetic consistent with the style of the users. Furthermore, it is essential to take into account the maximum comfort and functionality of the various spaces and maximum use of them to move comfortably and clean unimpeded. To achieve this goal and lead to such a practical and well organized bathroom is particularly interesting to follow some decorating tips.

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decorate the room of children

Decorate stylish the room of children

Each space of the home has a certain functionality and decorating it must be adapted to it. So, the room where they sleep and play younger family should have a refined appearance which, taking into account the tastes and personal styles, ensuring comfort and cozier result to provide the ideal stay younger .

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