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decorate the table at Christmas

How to decorate the table at Christmas?

Christmas came, the favorite time of many, with it come the gifts, traditions, different celebrations, family gatherings and the perfect occasion to give a touch of style, color and joy to your home with a beautiful decoration.

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The yellow in fashion

The yellow is back in fashion

In decoration the classics never die, but sometimes to give a young and modern look to our home have to risk a little. And today we propose a color of always succeed, and who has been away for some years in the windows and now becomes the yellow in fashion. We are talking about the yellow, a color that is not always easy to combine, but well spent can give our house a fresh and youthful air that we all love.

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color combination

How to choose the color combination for your home

When we are in the process of decorating our home, there is an element that is vital for the appearance remains perfect: the colors. We all have our preferences for colors are concerned, but often we wonder how we can combine various colors that we like or how we can find a color that combine and create contrast with the tone you have chosen. There is no single way to find the perfect combination, so we will look at several possibilities.

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Pop decor

Pop decor: color sneaks into your house

Would you like to give your home an air of the most colorful and casual? Then we have for you the style that best fits your personality. It is pop decor, that you can give your home a modern and youthful, touch to be adapted not only to the living, but also to the rest of rooms.

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Frank Lloyd Right

Frank Lloyd Wright: Learn from the masters to decorate

Some of the masterpieces of architecture teach us different types of decorations and we can inspire the design aesthetic we want for our home. So, using the example of one of the most versatile and imaginative architects of the first half of the twentieth century, we can get many easy ideas to implement at home to get an environment marked by quality.

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