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The tree and the fireplace at Christmas

The tree and the fireplace at Christmas

Christmas is approaching and with it comes peace, love and, of course, the characteristic beauty of this time of year. Year after year we look forward to these dates so we can share with our family, eat the most delicious dishes, surprise our loved ones with gifts and, above all, decorate our home.

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Autumn decoration

Autumn decoration with textiles

When the autumn chill begins to approach the textiles take center stage in homes. This is an interesting and easy way to change the look of a room that brings a touch of warmth and can renew the decor without making a big investment. Although this technique of playing with fabrics may be useful for virtually any room in the home, the fact is that the bedroom is where greater capacity offered thanks to the remarkable importance of the bed as the main center of the composition.

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Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style decorating

The Mediterranean decor is based on Mediterranean coastal areas of Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey and North Africa and what they have in common all these areas are brightness, color and freshness. A style where prevail the colors ranging from white to blue and brown.

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fashion wallpaper

Back fashion wallpaper

The wallpaper has become one of the key interior decorating tools.

Back fashion wallpaper, of all shapes to decorate the walls and all types of coatings that exist for this purpose, the wallpaper is a decorative economical and effective solution.

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design in interior

Industrial design classics never fail in interior

Most industrial design classics are basic decoration. Decorate with classic does not have to imply that you keep at home a traditional decor. There are many ways to take advantage of these genius of design in interior and connect them to the style that has our house.

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