If you are lucky enough to live in a house with garden, patio and a large terrace that allows you to enjoy the outdoors while at home, do not forget this space when putting Christmas decoration. Whether for lunch with family or friends on sunny days or a drink while relaxing reading a book on a good evening, the terrace and the garden are also spaces that can be enjoyed during the winter.

As with any decor, details are essential for maximum quality. For this reason, it is interesting to assure that you get every corner to add a decorative touch of air Christmas. Beads, glitter, stars and Christmas characters can prevail in every room. We recommend looking for the balance not to fall into excess.

The lighting in exterior decoration

Light is one of the elements that should not miss the Christmas decorations. With a special importance LED lights due to its high lighting with minimum consumption, decorating with lights or illuminated nests garlands can make a difference in your outdoor decor.

In this regard we should not forget the importance of candles that make it a perfect element for warmth, dynamism and a nice cozy feel. There is a lot of candles holder specially designed for outdoor flame protecting the breeze.

The green color is always welcome and no element has as much personality to integrate this tone as the natural plants. Do not hesitate to give prominence to your plants by using lights and dare to acquire other typical Christmas as firs or pineapples.

And interior decoration, golden tones, deep red, green and white are the highlights of the thematic decorations of the period. Choose one character and adds other small details always prioritizing the presence of each to avoid a confusing and lacking a result of visual balance.

It is always a good resource collecting items from nature to integrate them into our decor with a small transformation. Whether creating clusters of leaves, pine cones and seeds or taking each element separately and modifying it, nature is always welcome reaching high on the success decorating outdoor spaces.

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