When we are in the process of decorating our home, there is an element that is vital for the appearance remains perfect: the colors. We all have our preferences for colors are concerned, but often we wonder how we can combine various colors that we like or how we can find a color that combine and create contrast with the tone you have chosen. There is no single way to find the perfect combination, so we will look at several possibilities.

Monochromatic combination

This color combination is based on choosing a unique color and combine several different shades of the same. As the contrast always gives a nice look to any room, we can use neutral colors like white or beige for the room not be so monotonous.

The combination mutatis mutandis

Alternatively, we can use that consist of choosing three nearby colors on the color wheel and create combinations. For example, we might select yellow, green and orange and combine them for decorating our house or room is a little more varied than the previous style. In this case, neutral colors are also accepted, but if we want to stay a touch more colorful can avoid them.

We also have the option of betting on the complementary pairs. This option involves adding colors that are opposite each other in a chromatic harmony, creating a fairly strong contrast but still find it pleasing to the eye. For example, we can combine red with green, blue with orange or yellow with violet. We can, for example, use one of these colors for the base furniture and the other for accessories such as cushions or curtains.

Combination of colors in furniture

Whatever the option we have chosen to combine colors, ideally we use some furniture in white or wood color which blend perfectly with any other color, for a combination of overly bright colors not be tired for view.

The furniture in dark colors like black or darker shades of wood, can also be combined with all kinds of colors, but keep in mind that dark colors can cause the feeling that the room is smaller. This does not mean that we have to avoid these tones, but simply that we must supplement them with very light colors on the walls or other furniture not belittle each room.

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