Christmas came, the favorite time of many, with it come the gifts, traditions, different celebrations, family gatherings and the perfect occasion to give a touch of style, color and joy to your home with a beautiful decoration.

This time our team of interior design in Barcelona has focused on how to decorate the table at Christmas, the place that will be the center of many meetings and where one of the most important dinners of the year will be served. Therefore presenting the dishes and drinks surrounded by harmony, which makes them stand out even more is the goal we want to achieve.

Colors and Styles

Thinking about the current trends of interior design for this specific space, the colors gold and silver are the most used in combination of some of the traditional tones, which during this time do not go out of style like red, green and the inclusion of white as a base For all of them. Of course, the decoration of the table must go in function and harmonize with the present in the rest of the house, as well as with its interior architecture.

A rule that you should not forget, and that any interior designer in Barcelona will remind you is that at the Christmas table you have to include many elements, so you have to choose well the decorative details to avoid overloading it too. Therefore, the minimalist style is one of the most sought after.

Perfect table

The tablecloth is the first of the elements, depending on the color chosen the rest of the decoration can be made.

Whites, beige or cream are ideal for highlighting decorative objects and the same food to be served. A liveliest color tablecloth such as red or green, should be combined with white tableware and include gold or planned details to give it brightness and elegance. While if you choose a clear tablecloth with all metallic, the decoration and elements may include red and green tones, which stand out by themselves.

The centerpieces are a decorative element that any interior designer recommends placing, this will set the tone for the decoration, its design and size depend on the table, but the options are many. Candles inside glass vases and surrounded by small Christmas decorations, as well as elegant metallic trays with candles and spruce branches, eucalyptus or traditional mistletoe are very fashionable alternatives.

Also, other things to remember are napkins to juice with the tablecloth and adorned with napkin holders that contrast their color, the coasters and undershirts should also contrast with the tableware and tablecloth. Finally, something very in tendency, especially for tables of more than six places, is to integrate small individual caravels, to give a highlight of each diner.

Decorating your house for Christmas, it is not about getting a box out of the old ornaments and placing them on the tree. It is about creating harmony in an environment, transmitting your personality and creating a beautiful space. For this, what better than having a professional, who can do a study of interior design and reform your decor, to surprise you and your guests.

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