Decorate the interior of your home with plants is beneficial addition to decorative. Plants and flowers positively influence our mood. Natural plants provide your home countless advantages in every way.

To start the plants get a very special green touch, lending the ambience of freshness and makes it more welcoming. A study by Harvard University benefits that give us the colors and scents of the plants are more numerous than we think. Among others, they help to feel vital, optimistic and full of energy.

The choice of indoor plants

Plants have many other features that benefit us, besides existing a variety of them, so if we put the batteries and find out a little, we can give the perfect species, according to our needs.

No one should think that decorating with plants is an easy task. It all depends on you, if you like take care, whether you’re good or if you have time for them. However, in a matter of gardening, we can all apply ourselves and get good results. To start should always choose houseplants, and be clear that some species are more sensitive than others.

Not all plant species are worth since they are not equally effective. As a general rule, we recommend not create a jungle with a few taps will be enough. Ideally to start it is to use plants that are more resistant, such as succulents or cactus. This type of plant needs enough light, so keep in mind when looking for a place, and very little watering.

Each floor in place

A basic premise when decorate with plants is that it is important to adapt the size of the plant in the size of the room where you want to put it. We can not put a large plant in a tiny room because the space would eat and the result would be horrible, besides uncomfortable.

However, in the room you can put a large plant pot, which will give a modern and welcoming air. Place plants in the corners where you find it difficult to fit furniture. So plants cover the gap and the effect will be very good. You can also use plants to separate two rooms in a classroom, or to define different areas.

Finally advise that there are three points placement of plants at home: on the floor, on the table and on a shelf or bookcase unit. Now you have no excuses to fill house plants and live better.

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