The hall is the area of ​​the house that gives the first host and the visitor becomes the first opportunity to create a certain image of home decoration. Similarly, this room is a place of transition in which the activity leave behind the street and into a unique and personal space. To achieve this effect and benefit from this cozy aspect that can offer the receiver, it is important to pay attention to interior design and not be afraid to change style to always find new details and maintain the attractiveness of the stay. offers some very interesting choices and marked by new trends to create a modern, interesting and, above all, welcoming space for decorate your hall. All this can be achieved without losing the functionality of stay and maintaining an overall structure that fits the lifestyle of each house.

Decorate according to space

It’s easy to find large rooms decorated in publications or specific journals. If you fall for any of these designs never attempt of mimetically apply because the secret of success of a style will be adapting it to space. Thus, the ideal is to take the general idea and the concept that forms the set to create a new decoration adapted to your own entrance.

In many houses the lobby is not a space in itself but that the entry is made directly to the living room or the passage way. This also influences definitively in the decoration of the area since, to integrate into another room, the door of the house must balance the whole.

Take advantage of seasonal changes


With the arrival of autumn you can introduce new elements as an umbrella stand or hangers for outerwear. In this regard, it is important to note the order and rationalization of space, the receiver must not become an area where clothing is accumulated, bags, boots and umbrella creating an appearance of disorder. Try to have each family member and add enough elements so that everyone can hang their coats without piling.

If your receiver has enough space, shallow closet, shelf or a shoemaker be best to exploit this area of ​​the house without suffering the appearance of disorder formulas.

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