Textiles are versatile accessories in any interior decoration. There is a possibility of introducing functional quality details and refine a type of decoration or get a total renovation of a decorative style. With different textures, finishes, colors and decorations, textiles have an interesting ally if decorated with cushions.

The appearance of your living room or bedroom may change significantly with the renewal of the pads and these can make the difference between a sloppy decoration and a refined style that caters to every detail with finesse.

To achieve excellent results is essential to follow some rules though decor is very possible to break with what always set a clear idea of ​​the result to be obtained and how it has. In this regard, to lead to a balanced interior decoration is interesting not overdo the number of cushions. You reach a point where the bed or sofa are hidden behind a cloud of accessories is usually a mistake that affects not only aesthetically, but is also very functional for the inconvenience of accommodating and remove pads every time you make Use furniture covering.

Similarly, excessive diversity of colors or different finishes often confused vision assembly resulting tangle indistinct. Ideally, choose colors carefully considering the prevailing chromaticism in the room. So, either by contrast or seeking the greatest possible harmony, the colors of the cushions should look tones within the same range or combining two different colors highlighting the role of one of them.

This season, formal innovation is the key to the trend. In this way, they are making style pads geometric shapes beyond the traditional square element. As an addition to the current modernity, vintage trend is recovered as bright and cheerful prints that add color and visual dynamism being perfect for sofas and bedspreads smooth finish ins and add contrast to minimalist environments.

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