Decorating a home with dogs and cats is easy if we consider some aspects. To start is essential that you create a specific space for your pet. The pets are one of a family and a corner where you can feel comfortable deserve.

In this space you will not miss a bed for the animal, its toys and accessories to eat and drink. It must be in the living room or kitchen can be like in your space at the garden but not separate from us.

His neat things

To keep your home decor as you like need you to tailor somewhere to keep all your things tidy.

If your pet is a cat have a box of sand to your needs and if your house has no terrace, you have no choice but to have the box in the house. If so, you must ingeniártelas to integrate it into your home decor. For that you can get your hands on one of the many simple boxes and incorporate them into a piece of furniture or camouflage with a decorative element in the room where you thought you put it. Yes, it monitors a ventilated, if not possible, to help keep your home environment untainted.

Types of furniture

Note that you pet when buying your furniture to decorate the house. The type of textiles and other materials that are part of the decor will be the first thing you think about what you have a pet at home. Thus, for soils you should completely forget about carpets and carpet. And also the difficulty of keeping them clean, trap odors. As for textiles, you should keep in mind that velvet, silk polar and attract the hair. On the contrary, it is best that you probably go for synthetic fabrics, especially if they are removable and washable. Also, it never hurts to wrap your chairs, sofas and other seats with covers.

Believe it or not, it is also important that you consider the colors when decorating. For example, if you have a black or a dark-colored dog it is better not count on fabrics or furniture in white, especially if your pet too loose hair. Prints, as they help hide stains and hair. In short, you must choose your furniture according to your animals for hair disguising as possible.

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