Many times we tend to think that the key to decorating our home is spend much time thinking about the placement of each item. But often the way to have a dream house is just the opposite: put things without any effort and let it flow our personality and comfort. Herein it is effortless, the latest trend in interior decoration that is precisely that despite not waste time in decorating, or at least it seems.

If we make a comparison with the world of fashion, we could say that the effortless is what is being put ourselves first thing we caught when we open the closet. Nothing to hundreds of times around the decor, nothing to make sure that all elements of our house follow the same pattern. The idea is precisely that furniture and elements of different styles bunch up, without having to follow a particular pattern but without falling either in the stridency.

Within this neglected trend, there is also a variant for those interior decorators who would not like to leave things to chance and is the efforless chic, a trend a little more thought but also casual.

The effortless chic is also to leave things to chance, but avoiding the objects that we place in our home are outdated. That is, to have a home with this style would have to be a little more attentive to trends and fashion magazines, but without the “obligation” to match them or they are positioned as if they we were to take a picture. It is, as the promoters of this style, a quiet but tasteful blend say.

The decoration effortless becomes the ideal for those who have limited budget trend as not being necessary for all the elements combine to perfection can afford to choose furniture and more economic elements. This is a trend that follows the theory that to have a nice house or much money or much knowledge of decoration is not necessary.

If we decided on the chic effortless yes we would have to invest a little more in furniture and decorative a little more stylish accessories, but the reality is that in many decorating stores you can find very cheap items and which nevertheless are less suitable for our house to be ideal.

We could say that this is a trend no trend, anything goes in the world of decoration, but increasingly looks in magazines and housing specialists in the sector. And it is an ideal trend because it allows us to leverage all the elements we have right now at home, adding and removing whatever we want to give a new look

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