A highly attractive aspect of the interior is its high capacity to become a form of expression of the personality and interests of the person who designs or lives. Given this factor, in this post we want to pay attention to a particular style dedicated to a very specific audience type.

All movie lovers and fans of the art of today will enjoy some of the tricks and tips that can convert home decoration in the most attractive environment for them.

To get a real decoration film, stay in a particular attention must be focused on the parts and elements that make up the decor. From original objects attained at auctions and used at the time in some shooting to small details alluding to any film and loaded with subtlety, each of the elements added to this type of ornamentation must have a specific purpose to integrate into its cinematic environment.

One of the most simple and clear alluding to the movies with decoration forms is to opt for the posters and films with posters of our favorite movies. This simple decorating advice can be a little further and print sheets with specific scenes of these most exciting films. To frame the posters is advisable to opt for simplicity for the role placed solely in the film element. So, fine and smooth finish with spot color frames are the best option. For those wishing to add a bonus of modernity and elegance will benefit mounts frameless either open structure as a canvas or protecting the foil behind glass which also enhance the contrast and color intensity.

This excellent decorative appeal always successful in ornamentation designed by and for movie lovers, however, remember that the excess is not good to be dosed and the number of blades arranged in each room. In a bedroom or a spacious living room you can add a great centerfold and if there is enough space for it, add some more small and discreet as to be placed on another wall.

In this type of ornamentation should not miss the details as well, which in a classic interior would be a vase or a piece of china in this film design will be chosen by a count, an old tin of negatives or replicas of items shown in each film.

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