Most industrial design classics are basic decoration. Decorate with classic does not have to imply that you keep at home a traditional decor. There are many ways to take advantage of these genius of design in interior and connect them to the style that has our house.

No doubt they are not only extremely functional but give aesthetic value to any room in addition to the value they have for the importance they have achieved in the design industry.

As far as decor is concerned everyone has their tastes, their style when choosing how to dress your home, however there are pieces that never, never fail. They are classic, icons decoration like virtually everyone.

The Womb chair

The Womb chair is a piece of charming figure, delicate and smooth lines with well-defined, it is an ideal for creating Eero complete the decor of any contemporary home, and print a wink Saarinen style.

The Womb chair Eero Saarinen: An organic sculpture inside. It is one of the most important pieces of the history of twentieth century design for its creativity, comfort and design. This chair was an immediate recognition and became a timeless design. Currently this model is still produced without interruption from the moment that made its debut in 1940, and may be part of living areas, reading spaces, offices and other rooms, offering comfortable seating and elegant aesthetics .

The Womb chair in Castilian means uterus was created for Knoll brand. It is an iconic piece that has the best of international design and the essence of Nordic aesthetics. Womb chair captivates through its aesthetic appearance that provides maximum comfort, consists of two pieces that seeks comfort by the purpose for which it was requested. The designer suggests that modern furniture could be comfortable and cozy at the same time without losing its contemporary touch.

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