Functional, practical and original, there are all types, designs, colors and sizes. Kitchen islands have been in fashion for over a century and exist to make life easier.

They are an element that stands out for its versatility in offering so many different uses, and depending on the design, even moving with a system of wheels. They keep utensils, divide environments, make the most of space, invite you to have a quick meal or a coffee.

And contrary to what is thought, kitchen islands are not exclusive to minimalist design, today there are many varieties that fit any style. But how do you know which one is right for you?

The functionality

The essential thing when design a kitchen island is to measure if you have at least one meter on each side of the site where you want it installed. This point seems simple, but it is basic so that the island fulfills its function of facilitating the work in the kitchen. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult a professional in interior design for an opinion, since choosing an inappropriate module size will end up being more of an obstacle than an aid.

Think about whether you want a kitchen island to cut food, to have breakfast, to store things, or to combine several uses. There are even islands that include stoves for cooking. The height of the island and its design will depend on this.

If you want it to cut food you will probably need good lighting, while if you want to eat on it you should be a little taller and have room for your feet. On the other hand, if you want to cook you will have to consider a reform for gas installation, light and an odor extractor.

The style

An island can follow the design line of the rest of the kitchen … or not. Being usually in the center attracts looks. So many take advantage to break with the style of the rest of the kitchen and thus give a differential touch.

You must take into account the shape: rectangular, square, oval, semicircular, there are even hexagonal. And also the material: granite, quartz, wood, crystal, marble.

Do not forget that although they are used to take advantage of the spaces and for its functionality, they are also an element of decoration. That’s why you should think about choosing your style and of course, consult an interior designer, who will match your tastes and style to the space to achieve a perfect renovation and a modern, functional and practical kitchen.

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