Eclecticism is a mixture based on a combination of various objects from the most varied typologies for a unitary style. In art as in the interior, as well as in other disciplines, often making distinctions of style and definitions are based on the purity of concepts, however, that purity can not always be carried out and the mixture It does appear to provide a different tone and, in many cases, very enriching.

In the case of eclecticism in interior, the mixture is not added to a specific style but as a distinct snap up the style in itself give rise to a new formula that, in the case of the decoration and interior design, gives some interesting results It permits the use of diverse objects to result in a single set.

Thanks to extensive customization options, the eclectic style has a great success and, in many cases, can be found in homes built with decor over the years and not thought out beforehand and expressly designed. Thus, in these cases it is very common to find different types of decorative objects from the most diverse periods and the most varied styles. Some modern elements combine with antique furniture, minimalist details with other baroque accompanied by Tuscan, oriental or exotic objects.

One of the main advantages of this mode of decoration is that there are no rules governing their construction. However, the lack of standards can lead to some confusion about what is the right thing because people who choose this option from the interior not know what to expect to hit and be guided by his aesthetic sense. The way of hitting is always come to the aid of professionals who provide comprehensive services for the interior view of the experience.

In any case, a key board to hit with the eclectic style is to seek the color balance by limiting the number of colors are added in a single room. You opt for neutral colors on the walls help facilitate the combination with other colors. For their part, seek a final score of order establishing criteria hierarchy in the role assigned to each item will be sufficient to achieve a successful outcome.

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