The wallpaper has become one of the key interior decorating tools.

Back fashion wallpaper, of all shapes to decorate the walls and all types of coatings that exist for this purpose, the wallpaper is a decorative economical and effective solution.

The options offered by the wallpaper go far beyond the walls. Not only content with traditional wallpapering and ready way, but they appear techniques such as decoupage or scrapbooking that open up a universe of possibilities to leverage and reuse the most of our favorite roles more creatively.

New techniques

There are designs with wonderful prints. So with a little inspiration, some of these techniques and pretty paper can perform amazing projects to decorate the house.

The new printing techniques are making very sophisticated and realistic finishes that give an attractive and intoxicating depth to our rooms while we got a very shocking to both sight and touch result. Textured wallpaper you’ll find it will help you hide any imperfections of your walls, its thickness and relief is able to make imperceptible to the eye any irregularities they may arise.

Now in summer, botanists and plant prints look great on the walls of any environment that lends itself to show off, plus bring freshness, liveliness and joy to the corner bleaker.

The geometric motifs seem to have come to stay, and is following highly topical again this year. In vivid hues present in walls of smaller or welcoming them openly through milder forms and more discrete tones, the fact is that the wallpaper with the presence of geometric patterns is a safe bet if you want your house current look and original.

Decorating tips

The general rule is that large prints for large rooms. If you put in a small room it seems to have eaten the space, and give feeling cramped.

If the ceilings are low, the vertical patterns will help you generate the feeling of higher ceilings.

You always have to do the role. In a book of samples of interior, on a roll, asking an online sample, because the color you see on the computer screen may be different from the real, the thickness and texture might not finish convincing, the drawing size , are a lot of things. It’s like fabrics to upholster it is always better touch and see them live.

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