We treat the gardens and terraces and housing elements that provide feedback to the home. This can be achieved making an indoor / outdoor connection be functional and aesthetically pleasing as well.

To do this we must consider the orientation of the vegetation and its placement and location as plants and trees can create multiple spaces and sensations so we choose what kind of aesthetics are looking to properly organize the operation of the gardens and terraces.

In the decoration of gardens and terraces, it should start with the location of vegetation. This means taking into account the situation of the furniture to play with natural light and receive, and the desired quantity or quality, not being in darkness or exposed to direct sunlight that we would squander the potential of our outdoor areas. We can get make the most of our vegetation planting it towards the southwest and in the case of introducing trees, deciduous choose those because they provide shade in summer and in winter let light through, necessary to contribute to heating the house.

The look you want to achieve will be marked by the choice of furniture in complementation with vegetation. In this sense, furniture made of wood provide a classic and fresh look that beside the green, give the space necessary for a satisfactory balance and relaxing comfort. If instead seek a terrace or garden design more modern and avant-garde, we can choose furniture made from metals as the contrast between floors and metals generates an aesthetic art design.

Try lighting considering the various uses that can have your terrace or garden, where the light should not be on time but environment, that will help create a sense of warmth. The area with chairs and tables must have a different light on the playground or pool. The same situation can also influence our feelings and visual space, so it is advisable to differentiate between light soil, intermediate or high and remember it being on the outside, exposed to the weather, so we recommend maintenance care .

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