Some colors are particularly suitable for decoration thanks to its characteristics and its ability to transmit pleasant sensations. Green for home are not always appreciated as it deserves from the public in the field of decoration.

As the pink and blue the stars among the choices of users with a significant presence of various shades of yellow when talking about the color of the walls, green is able to provide an ample amount of nuances of high quality that can transform a common interior in a stylish design simple and effective details.

This tone, associate common form hopes, brings a sense of peace and tranquility along with a clear aesthetic and chromatic relationship with nature and plant abundance refers to the spring, mild temperatures and bright friendly atmosphere of this era of the year.

If you choose to add green to your home decor you should know that you should not fall into the excess and is especially interesting combination in various shades as well as white as a basis on which to highlight the best features.

For strong commitment to the green tone is recommended to introduce this color in textile curtains, quilts, blankets, sofas and some other element that converts this spring tone in the main character of any room. For combination with the walls it is recommended to go for a very clear tone, in combination with the selected textile feeling be white. With this little trick you can have the brightness and versatility of white with a slight tinge that favors the integration of the decoration with the main color.

If a somewhat less risky with a subtle green presence is desired, it is advisable to choose a neutral overall color like gray or white and add small details chosen tone green. Thus, a strategically positioned carpet, a lamp in the center of the room or picture frames painted green in combination with some cushions in the same color formulas are ideal for the subtle presence of spring at home. Following this formula can get the role of color but in a much more discreet and favoring the pitch change at any time.

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