Use horizontal lines for the bedroom decor can be very daring for some people. Fear of a cluttered appearance that users quickly tired to the bedroom is the major handicap that prevents opt for this decorative style, but with proper planning and knowing the ins carefully choosing colors and more successful, the result can be spectacular and as nice as interesting.

Whether using paint or choosing from a selection of vinyl and painted it on the market papers, the walls of the room can become a vital player who wears the bedroom of originality and brings a point value to renew their appearance and modernize the interior design.

To succeed in interior design projects chaired by horizontal lines is advisable to take into account the thickness, color and amount of stripes, as well as lighting that will receive the stay to avoid overloading the bedroom with excessive elements. In this sense, it is essential to choose soft colors that are within the same range and no more lines to combine two different tones, the result will be far less subtle contrast is between different stripes.

Meanwhile, wide thick lines get a more delicate and elegant appearance with fewer lines and, therefore, less visual intersection between the lines and profiles of furniture or decorative items.

Both furniture and textiles and other ornamental objects have in the room must maintain its color within the same range as the one chosen for the walls to avoid visual excess. Add touches of another hue to generate some contrast and brighten the whole is perfectly compatible with the use of neutral colors like white, beige or gray to focus the spotlight on the region of the set.

In style of furniture to avoid a messy set of lines that confuse the vision and support the composition chosen for the wall, the best thing will opt for simple tables accompanied by headboard and comfortable with a predominance of straight lines and little variation in color. The minimalist design with clean profiles are a safe bet.



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