The living room is usually the first room your guests see when entering your home, and the sofa is the largest and most visible element in the whole place. Although it is the center of attention of your living room, all the elements that are in this place must coexist between them. It is not just about choosing the sofa that is more fashionable, but the one that suits the space and the design of your home.

A sofa according to your style

If your goal in the living room decoration that it looks harmonious, you can not combine, for example, a couch style 1800 with other furniture type puffs. Our recommendation is that if you are going to make a reform in your house, you have an interior design project or you are about to move, take into account if the design of the sofa you want combines with the rest of the decoration.

Looking for a more classic style? Sofa fabrics are perfect for you and they are very easy to clean and come in a variety of patterns and colors. Instead, if you want your decor to be more modern, leather or leather sofas are the ideal choice. Although its maintenance is a little more difficult, it is worth a little effort to give that elegant touch to your living room.

The tastes are very wide and everyone has the right to choose what they like and accommodate. However, there are certain features that every good interior designer will recommend before you choose the ideal sofa.

How to choose the best sofa?

First of all, you must be aware of the space you have in your living room, so you can choose a sofa that is not only beautiful, but useful.

If your home is large, a sofa of more than 3 posts can be very handy, while if it is small, corner sofas are the best option as they help you to take better advantage of the little space available. For smaller rooms are also excellent alternative sofas 2 or 3 stalls, stuck to the walls, or a sofa bed that allows you to receive more visits. And for both cases, custom-made sofas also stand out as a perfect alternative, when adapting exactly to space, requirements and tastes.
As for the materials of the sofa, we already know that they may be woven fabric or leather, but we have not discussed their interior.

A sofa can be filled with latex, foam or even feathers. The latex is very durable and durable, and best of all, it does not accumulate dust. Foam, on the other hand, is much more economical but is not as comfortable as it seems, as it can generate allergies. Finally, feather sofas are extremely comfortable, like sitting on a cloud, but are very delicate and can deform with use.

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