Its large size and attractive decorative result makes more and more people opt for the loft style interior decoration at home. It is a decorative style that focuses on open spaces with the minimum amount of divisions. The result is a suite of fluid space and plenty of light that, in general, has a large number of openings or large windows covering at least one of the ends. In this regard they should not miss in this type of project interior plants arranged in strategic locations to take advantage of their color and that these enjoy natural light.

The loft as a decorative trend have the above characteristics and are designed according to these criteria or is spacious and airy spaces created for another purpose that subsequently have been used as housing respecting the structure of the building and showing their uniqueness.

In this regard, during the 70’s many factories and warehouses that had lost their own functionality they became rehabilitated to accommodate housing and getting to give life to a new style that respected the personality of the building, allowing users to enjoy free their divisions with an industrial touch that even today still fashionable when decorating interior open spaces.

The start of avant-garde linked to the rebellious youth and bohemian loft was modifying their aesthetic characteristics and polishing to become a current synonymous with sophistication, luxury and modernity.

Materials and own aesthetic style

To get a proper look of the loft style is important to address certain essential features that go beyond the absence of spatial divisions. The pillars and beams as visual elements of the structure also achieved significantly emphasize the industrial look. Materials such as brick and cement are linked to idea of ​​industry that is important to keep to preserve the character of this decorative style.

As a contract between the elements, TINDAS believe that metal is a good way to add sophistication and modernity into adding it in small details such as hardware for furniture, carpentry or decorative objects.

Similarly, cold and neutral colors such as gray, blue are the most used for this kind of style. With one notable importance of lighting as a factor, a loft should have large windows that provide natural light and go for hanging lights making them a leading protagonist in the overall decor.

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