The Mediterranean decor is based on Mediterranean coastal areas of Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey and North Africa and what they have in common all these areas are brightness, color and freshness. A style where prevail the colors ranging from white to blue and brown.

The Mediterranean is a very connected with nature style, so that materials such as wood, stone and wrought iron are those indicated for use in this type of decorative plan.

Walls and floors

For walls, stone and plaster. For the latter can enhance the lighting stays thanks to the effect of the color of the walls, they must be mostly white, but if you want desmarcarte a little you can opt for a gray or a very light blue, tending nearly white. This color will enhance not only light, but will provide freshness to the environment.

The floors of the house in a Mediterranean style can be clay or ceramic, but should not be excluded alternatives such as wooden floors. In the Mediterranean style it is common to use tiles and mosaics, both in the bathroom and the kitchen, as in other parts of the house. The tiles can be simple but make sure that match the rest of the decor.

Furniture and details

The furniture tends to be simple, unadorned, remember that, above all, the Mediterranean style is simple and minimalist trends, so the furniture in this type of decoration to be little overdone. Opt for simple furniture, low designs, wood and wicker, with light colors.

As for fabrics common colors are white, olive green, blue, ocher and brown. The last two especially for the living room, the blue in the bathroom since it is perfect because it reminds us of the color of the sea, and green can be used for cooking.

As you can put details of wrought iron, lamps, mirrors, furniture legs, frames, etc. This material includes details in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as in furniture, chair backs or details in the corners of the tables. Wrought iron will help to give contrast to the natural elements.

Fresh flowers and colorful houseplants are also essential elements in this decorative style.

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