Virtually all homes can be found paintings as decorations and this is due, on the one hand to tradition and partly to the characteristics of these objects that give them a great capacity for ornamentation while offering a remarkable diversity in styles, colors and shapes.

But, despite being a common element that everyone has at home, pictures to decorate it is not always a success when trying to integrate in a particular decorative style. To achieve the desired harmony, contrast, beauty or perfect combination of interior design and the used frames is useful to consider some tips that will facilitate not only the choice of the most successful pictures for every decorative style, but also place them and how to combine them with each other.

The boldness and experimentation are highly recommended when converting a simple and sober decoration with paintings in a modern, personalized and unique style. Do not hesitate to combine different forms like traditional square frames with some ornaments that provide a touch of class. You can also combine colors opting for a lead tone and adding a frame in another shade or integrate some of the other ways in order to achieve a stronger effect.

As with all elements of the decor, the key to a successful outcome is in the aesthetic balance. According to this statement, you should find some symmetry elements of unity of the whole or leitmotiv that converts into a single set decoration always fleeing and disorderly eclectic mix of elements that without a well-defined criteria, become a disaster the eyes of a decorator. Applying this test to the decoration with paintings, it is interesting to keep the proportions balancing the distance between an object and the next. The color, as mentioned above, is also an important factor that helps to unify.

One of the most attractive elements of the decoration with paintings, besides the economic factor is the diversity and wide adaptability to most tastes. Thus, from the most classic decor to the most interesting contemporary designs and styles more personal nature, everyone can find the pictures that complement adding value and creating an attractive landmark.

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