Would you like to give your home an air of the most colorful and casual? Then we have for you the style that best fits your personality. It is pop decor, that you can give your home a modern and youthful, touch to be adapted not only to the living, but also to the rest of rooms.

A large window that has this style of interior design is that it is not necessary that you make a radical change of all the furnishings of your home. Even if you keep the furniture that you have in your House right now, you can give it a pop touch to it simply using different accessories and decoration of vivid colors that can completely change the atmosphere. For example, some brightly coloured cushions can give a new air to this sofa that takes in your living room life.

In any home decor store you can also find pop type pictures which will give a casual touch to your home. Even if you come to any store darkroom photo, you can order a box Andy Warhol style of any photo in that diner you and your family, so this style is the most personalized to adapt it more to you.

Rooms full of color and freshness

Another element that combines perfectly with the pop style are the plants. If you put in your living room various natural plants will see as the atmosphere becomes much more youthful. And so the appearance of them is even more pop style we recommend that you go to a nursery or even a Bazaar in your neighborhood and you do with plastic pots of bright colours, which are those that more help be the pop style that predominates in your home giving a touch of freshness to the interior decorations.

A lively bathroom

Pop style can also reach the bathroom, through visible towels or curtains shower of vivid colors. You can find this type of accessories even in economic shops, in a way that you don’t have to spend large sums of money on accessories.

In the bedroom

The kitchen can also host a pop-style aprons or kitchen towels that are in view and are very brightly coloured. And to give the pop touch to your bedroom, nothing like find a duvet cover of strong colors and a couple of pads which, as we have mentioned before about the sofa, give that special and youthful air space. It is important that the color flood your House without that leave aside the decoration that you have now.

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