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Interior Design and Decor in Baqueira Duplex

Interior Design and Decor in Baqueira Duplex #06


on white

A place to feel far from daily life. A place to go away but to be close to nature. A place to enjoy the sensation of peace, of distance. Comfortable and warm. This place where it is possible to be yourself again. A haven for the senses and the body.

Since the beginning of this decor project, we felt very excited to be able to execute an Interior Design and Decor project in an area like this. Creating a warm and comfortable interior, in tune with the environment where it was located.

It should have this design close to mountain houses and, at the same time, be practical. At the meetings before the decor project, we put the vision of the space owners on paper. What tone did they want it to have? How did they imagine a few days at home?

Having a clear idea of what should happen in this house, we started to prepare the interior design and decor project. Evidently, the design, in terms of architecture, of this duplex has positively influenced the process.

Ceilings gabled in wood, the Mansard bedroom, the wooden beams… It was a very obvious design, but with our clients, we decided to give it a more modern style and avoiding too much wood or country furniture.

We gave a touch of contemporary design to the whole concept and sought balance with linear and simpler elements and the neutral elements, albeit of great quality. Playing with the ochre tones and warm brown. Adding decor elements that gave that tone expected all over the house. A balance between a mountain house with a contemporary feel.


Baqueira Duplex  #06

Green, white, brown… Landscapes and colors coming
in through the windows. Peacefully invading this
very special place

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Interior Design in Eixample Apartment

Interior Design in Eixample Apartment #03

Once upon a time…

A colored house. Colors in the garden, colors on the floor… colors and more colors. Colors that have found owners that fell in love with them. And that’s how the romance between a space that has been converted in a home has begun.

There are house decor designs that, just by looking at them, you know you will enjoy doing, and that they are going to be unique.

Since the first conversation to define the interior design, a great relationship has been established between our clients and the Tinda’s Project team. One of those cases where you could say “there is chemistry”.

A magnificent example of Interior Design in Eixample Apartment. A large interior space and a garden that made us think of a project beyond the simple interior design subject. Sharing the first ideas on the space design, on the furniture that would define each area and their role, we found out the secret hiding in this apartment during its first renovations – a magnificent hydraulic floor full of colors and geometrical combinations.

Like a fulfilled wish, our clients, in love with the colors, decided to develop the project from the ground up.

From the garden design to the color of the kitchen, including the idea of placing a sauna inside the place, came the idea of the color and how it affected their idea of home.

A fish tank, all the garden plants, the colors on the walls… all the ideas that came from this discovery have allowed us, together with our friends – not only our clients by now –, build and decorate a place where color was the main character. In short, another example of Interior Design Apartment in the Eixample district.


Eixample Apartment #03

A place where you are never sure if the garden is inside and the house outside, or vice versa. A place where going from one room to another is a trip through a colored pencil box.


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Mini Apartment Decor

Mini Apartment Decor #02

Details and emotions

Two people and energy that can only be defined as illusion. Each of the apartment sixty meters turned upside down. Seeking each detail, each piece that shall convert this corner, this table, this lamp… in part of the life history of its inhabitants.

An apartment, not so big, not so small. In this case, the work at hand was very clear – to translate an illusion and a cutting edge interior design and Mini Apartment Decor. Designing illusions – this is one of our best rewards.

The perfect sample of performing a low cost interior design. A concept that, for Tinda’s Project, does not mean less quality, but more care for the resources available to our client and achieving, together, the space they desire. We had to be very aware of the necessary elements, the available elements and the available budget.

Translating the vision and the ideas of this couple into something real, beyond the more or less vague images that they had seen by reading magazines and decor web sites, months before the beginning of the project.

Once we had defined the design idea with the couple, we started to visit decor shops in Barcelona. To select, to check and to see the options that would go with the design they wanted for their house, always optimizing the resources, making the design and decor of their ideal mini apartment real.


Mini Apartment #02

A place shared for the first time. The anxiety of deciding each detail, each color and having to wait to see everything in its place. The emotion of sharing all this with us and making us part of it.


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Interior Design in Barcelona Townhouse

Interior Design in Barcelona Townhouse #05

The sum of two personalities

Two people, two clear personalities. The combination of two views of life. Combined and translated into objects, corners, common spaces… a shared story in every square meter. Creating a place where eclecticism is the path to union.

One place, two personalities and a joint project. As interior designers, a project that makes you think what designing an interior of a house is, at the end, understand your clients to the point of feeling what they feel. Understand their vision of what they desire to be a space and how it is transformed into their place to live.

Finding the common spots and converting them into a living room, into a bedroom, into a kitchen. Understanding that each piece of furniture, each detail will be part of a whole that will make both feel like this created space is theirs and personal.

A project, in this case, both interior and exterior design. A semi-detached house, at first, with standard characteristics and two ways of giving a meaning to a place.

Eclecticism and balance. Common memories and different aesthetic criteria, although complementary. Not only an interior design, but also a balance design. With minor alterations in the architectural aspect and a great load of work to select and combine elements that shaped each of the house spaces, we built a special place. A place where it was possible to combine both personalities, represented through a style combination that created a unique and very personal style. Modern, but with the elegance of the combination of both styles in this Interior Design in Barcelona Townhouse.


Barcelona Townhouse #05

One more night. More friends, more jokes. A place
where two is just the beginning of many. Friends,
conversations, art, toast…


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Interior Design in Sarria Apartment

Interior Design in Sarria Apartment #01

Warmth and tranquility

Finding the perfect place, but with a lot of redistribution work ahead. Creating a warm and special place. Raising, moving, defining new spaces. Imagining new experiences in each area. The sensations, the uses… the result – warmth and tranquility.

Interior Design Sarria Apartment

In this Interior Design project in Sarria Apartment we have faced an old apartment with a complicated distribution. Before starting a first study and defining the main ideas that should guide our work, we have started, with our clients, to think what could be done with an apartment at the Sarria Tres Torres neighborhood – a fantastic location with huge opportunities.

The first step to achieve what our clients have asked for was changing the inside architecture. Redefining and adapting. From the living room, the kitchen, the rooms… It was not only about decorating spaces, but also creating new ones.

We have changed walls, removed floors. We have developed new custom pieces of furniture for the renovated kitchen, we have created special lighting in the design of the living room. At the living room, we have used a special piece of furniture that could hide or show the living room TV.

The two main places of the new home were specially treated with great care. Once the main line of work and the design elements have been defined, we visited the main decor shops at Barcelona and Madrid to find the elements that would define this design style that, since the beginning, has been created for this this interior design project in Sarriá Apartment.

For the kitchen, home appliances from the best brands have been selected, with the most advanced design and functionalities. We have integrated them and created ad hoc structures to create the space that has been previously imagined.

A thrilling interior design project. A project to apply and combine the best ideas, both ours and our clients


Sarria Apartment #01

Getting comfortable on a couch. Classic Jazz
can be heard. Read, drink coffee and think
that this place is where we have always wanted
to be.