Interior Design and Decor in Baqueira Duplex #06


on white

A place to feel far from daily life. A place to go away but to be close to nature. A place to enjoy the sensation of peace, of distance. Comfortable and warm. This place where it is possible to be yourself again. A haven for the senses and the body.

Since the beginning of this decor project, we felt very excited to be able to execute an Interior Design and Decor project in an area like this. Creating a warm and comfortable interior, in tune with the environment where it was located.

It should have this design close to mountain houses and, at the same time, be practical. At the meetings before the decor project, we put the vision of the space owners on paper. What tone did they want it to have? How did they imagine a few days at home?

Having a clear idea of what should happen in this house, we started to prepare the interior design and decor project. Evidently, the design, in terms of architecture, of this duplex has positively influenced the process.

Ceilings gabled in wood, the Mansard bedroom, the wooden beams… It was a very obvious design, but with our clients, we decided to give it a more modern style and avoiding too much wood or country furniture.

We gave a touch of contemporary design to the whole concept and sought balance with linear and simpler elements and the neutral elements, albeit of great quality. Playing with the ochre tones and warm brown. Adding decor elements that gave that tone expected all over the house. A balance between a mountain house with a contemporary feel.


Baqueira Duplex  #06

Green, white, brown… Landscapes and colors coming
in through the windows. Peacefully invading this
very special place