Interior Design in Barcelona Townhouse #05

The sum of two personalities

Two people, two clear personalities. The combination of two views of life. Combined and translated into objects, corners, common spaces… a shared story in every square meter. Creating a place where eclecticism is the path to union.

One place, two personalities and a joint project. As interior designers, a project that makes you think what designing an interior of a house is, at the end, understand your clients to the point of feeling what they feel. Understand their vision of what they desire to be a space and how it is transformed into their place to live.

Finding the common spots and converting them into a living room, into a bedroom, into a kitchen. Understanding that each piece of furniture, each detail will be part of a whole that will make both feel like this created space is theirs and personal.

A project, in this case, both interior and exterior design. A semi-detached house, at first, with standard characteristics and two ways of giving a meaning to a place.

Eclecticism and balance. Common memories and different aesthetic criteria, although complementary. Not only an interior design, but also a balance design. With minor alterations in the architectural aspect and a great load of work to select and combine elements that shaped each of the house spaces, we built a special place. A place where it was possible to combine both personalities, represented through a style combination that created a unique and very personal style. Modern, but with the elegance of the combination of both styles in this Interior Design in Barcelona Townhouse.


Barcelona Townhouse #05

One more night. More friends, more jokes. A place
where two is just the beginning of many. Friends,
conversations, art, toast…