Interior Design in Eixample Apartment #03

Once upon a time…

A colored house. Colors in the garden, colors on the floor… colors and more colors. Colors that have found owners that fell in love with them. And that’s how the romance between a space that has been converted in a home has begun.

There are house decor designs that, just by looking at them, you know you will enjoy doing, and that they are going to be unique.

Since the first conversation to define the interior design, a great relationship has been established between our clients and the Tinda’s Project team. One of those cases where you could say “there is chemistry”.

A magnificent example of Interior Design in Eixample Apartment. A large interior space and a garden that made us think of a project beyond the simple interior design subject. Sharing the first ideas on the space design, on the furniture that would define each area and their role, we found out the secret hiding in this apartment during its first renovations – a magnificent hydraulic floor full of colors and geometrical combinations.

Like a fulfilled wish, our clients, in love with the colors, decided to develop the project from the ground up.

From the garden design to the color of the kitchen, including the idea of placing a sauna inside the place, came the idea of the color and how it affected their idea of home.

A fish tank, all the garden plants, the colors on the walls… all the ideas that came from this discovery have allowed us, together with our friends – not only our clients by now –, build and decorate a place where color was the main character. In short, another example of Interior Design Apartment in the Eixample district.


Eixample Apartment #03

A place where you are never sure if the garden is inside and the house outside, or vice versa. A place where going from one room to another is a trip through a colored pencil box.