Interior Design in Sarria Apartment #01

Warmth and tranquility

Finding the perfect place, but with a lot of redistribution work ahead. Creating a warm and special place. Raising, moving, defining new spaces. Imagining new experiences in each area. The sensations, the uses… the result – warmth and tranquility.

Interior Design Sarria Apartment

In this Interior Design project in Sarria Apartment we have faced an old apartment with a complicated distribution. Before starting a first study and defining the main ideas that should guide our work, we have started, with our clients, to think what could be done with an apartment at the Sarria Tres Torres neighborhood – a fantastic location with huge opportunities.

The first step to achieve what our clients have asked for was changing the inside architecture. Redefining and adapting. From the living room, the kitchen, the rooms… It was not only about decorating spaces, but also creating new ones.

We have changed walls, removed floors. We have developed new custom pieces of furniture for the renovated kitchen, we have created special lighting in the design of the living room. At the living room, we have used a special piece of furniture that could hide or show the living room TV.

The two main places of the new home were specially treated with great care. Once the main line of work and the design elements have been defined, we visited the main decor shops at Barcelona and Madrid to find the elements that would define this design style that, since the beginning, has been created for this this interior design project in Sarriá Apartment.

For the kitchen, home appliances from the best brands have been selected, with the most advanced design and functionalities. We have integrated them and created ad hoc structures to create the space that has been previously imagined.

A thrilling interior design project. A project to apply and combine the best ideas, both ours and our clients


Sarria Apartment #01

Getting comfortable on a couch. Classic Jazz
can be heard. Read, drink coffee and think
that this place is where we have always wanted
to be.