Mini Apartment Decor #02

Details and emotions

Two people and energy that can only be defined as illusion. Each of the apartment sixty meters turned upside down. Seeking each detail, each piece that shall convert this corner, this table, this lamp… in part of the life history of its inhabitants.

An apartment, not so big, not so small. In this case, the work at hand was very clear – to translate an illusion and a cutting edge interior design and Mini Apartment Decor. Designing illusions – this is one of our best rewards.

The perfect sample of performing a low cost interior design. A concept that, for Tinda’s Project, does not mean less quality, but more care for the resources available to our client and achieving, together, the space they desire. We had to be very aware of the necessary elements, the available elements and the available budget.

Translating the vision and the ideas of this couple into something real, beyond the more or less vague images that they had seen by reading magazines and decor web sites, months before the beginning of the project.

Once we had defined the design idea with the couple, we started to visit decor shops in Barcelona. To select, to check and to see the options that would go with the design they wanted for their house, always optimizing the resources, making the design and decor of their ideal mini apartment real.


Mini Apartment #02

A place shared for the first time. The anxiety of deciding each detail, each color and having to wait to see everything in its place. The emotion of sharing all this with us and making us part of it.