Renovation and Decor in Barcelona Penthouse #04

A different point of view

A place to live differently. Open, bright and peaceful. Made for relaxing and really feeling at home. Thought for each square meter to be kind, cozy and, above all, happy. A place to stay.

As interior designers, this kind of renovation and decor projects has always meant an exciting challenge for us. In Barcelona, Madrid, or abroad, the possibility to develop an interior design like this, always seeking to make ours, understand and share ideas to decorate and transform some space, a place. Transform a spectacular place like this penthouse in Barcelona into something else – a place to live, to feel.

At Tinda’s Project, we dedicate not only to decorate an apartment, design a kitchen or search for beautiful furniture. We like to talk to, understand and feel what our clients need.

As in this case, our clients desired only to live in a penthouse, without making the place where they wanted to be too bright. Leaving the light spread in each room. Creating a transparent interior, but with personality. Taking care of all the details, thinking how they would define each space and area.

Eva Mesa’s obsession for caring for the slightest details, seeking the highest quality elements, luxurious but not ostentatious, balancing spaces. Seeking balance in the design of every corner to achieve that feeling of light, amplitude, without sacrificing the warmth and comfort of the apartment.

In this penthouse in Barcelona, the terrace has been very important. Designing the renovation and decor of this little urban garden. Defining the outside tone to influence the inside.


Barcelona Penthouse #04

Get up from bed. Feel the fresh air on your face.
Look, observe how the entire city wakes up at your feet.