With its origin in the countryside of southern France, the Provencal style comes from the hand of Châteux of French nobles. Used as second homes, these homes did not show such an excellent and exquisite decor counting rather a style linked to a certain humble character field.

Today, this style has become a reference in the literature and is one of the most acclaimed in the interior design industry in Barcelona typologies. With its warmth in the aesthetics, welcoming result and its concept linked to nature and the rustic, it becomes a very successful style to decorate a restaurant. This decorative style is referred to a traditional food and quality while talking about the importance of details and special care as customer service.

To achieve this cozy provencal air in a restaurant forget the modernity and minimalism of other styles and cater more to the tradition. So, warm colors with great presence of earth tones are a perfect allusion to the vineyards and the French countryside. Betting natural plants and dried flower details as the ever-living will be an ideal way to add color notes without losing the rural character formula.

The furnishings are essential players in a restaurant with provencal style. It is interesting to exploit this fact betting on wood and emphasizing the aesthetic with elements of metal without losing the natural look of them. It is recommended, therefore, leave the timber view and add items without excessive finish or opt for the stable iron oxide to highlight its naturalness.

Light is always a fundamental value in decoration and becomes a point of union excellent indoor and outdoor terrace restaurant. Let the natural light and warm colors dress of textile items in colors that range is an ideal way to achieve that sense of welcoming and homey formula.

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