The innovations in decoration for fall-winter come loaded with allusions to the vintage look. In this sense, round lamps are perfect to combine with very different styles and get bring a touch of character with a balanced integration easy and remarkably versatile complement lines.

If in the past we saw glass lamps with polished spherical shapes or with some extra touches differentiation model. Current designs recover the best of their ancestors, the spherical shape, and added a host of decorative elements, textures, colors, sizes and materials to complete an almost infinite range of options for improving the indoor home decor.

One of the main advantages of this type of lamp, plus the associated aesthetics, is the high capacity to offer a general and uniform lighting allowing a homogeneous diffusion of light throughout the room. The pleasant light output can be overridden by specifying models that introduce different elements to add nuances of intensity or color to the light source.

With a host of designs made of paper for your interesting aesthetic result, their attractive designs and low price, there are other spherical lamps made with ropes, metal, glass or textiles individually or in combination. From basic models that make the shape and the material of the minimalist beauty secret until those other decorative applique designs in different quantities and with the most diverse styles.

In any case, these lamps are a useful complement to the interior and have a high capacity for integration into the most diverse styles thanks to the undoubted versatility of its basic form, the sphere.

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