At Tinda’s Project, we offer integral custom interior design services.
We have ideas together, solve doubts and have some coffee face to face while we decide how to best place this wardrobe, or how to provide the restaurant counter with that cozy lighting.

Our clients are our main inspiration. We enjoy together the choice of how they want to live in their space, creating together exclusive and totally personal spaces. We not only design unique spaces, but also place for people. Thus, there are no places, not too small, not too big. We see spaces that will be transformed into places that people will enjoy.
We like to be at the worksite with the professionals that work on it, sharing decisions, changes and, why not, working with them many times.


A place for you to be yourself 

See you at your home. It is usually the first step. Check how you live and how you want to live. Talk, listen, empathize. Renovations, rehabilitation, interior decoration, lighting, furniture… We study your home interior design project and prepare the proposals.
Everything starts with your idea and ends with the house keys on your hands.

Gardens and Landscaping

The outside is part of the inside

Interior design is also outside. One of our passions is landscaping and garden decor.
How does it affect the place? How is the garden going to be? What will it bring to the lives of the people that will coexist with this living space? Our exterior design specialists and their teams (architects, agronomists, etc.) know the importance of creating a unique environment
through landscaping projects, integrating them properly into the spaces that require them.


Seducing, trying and communicating

Understanding the users is the best way to create relationships. Entering and enjoying the moment that, in great part, creates the space and its interaction. Moving the essence of a brand into a place through retail interior design projects. Creating an own personality, a character and a unique and different experience.

Our way of understanding commercial spaces, in summary, is creating spaces that make difference.

Renovations and Hotels

Obsession for quality and care

They are always special places. Always part of something else. When we talk about these spaces, we obsess for quality and care, but equally, for warmth and providing interesting experiences.

The bed sheet in a room, the lighting angle on the walls or the humblest teaspoon. We know that every detail, little as it may be, defines the necessary harmony to make an optimal and, above all, memorable experience.

We like to think how a piece of furniture, the textures, the tact, the scents combine and cause, to the person enjoying the place, the perception we have sought for this moment and place.