The colors and the choice of furniture are basic elements in the decor but it is important to pay attention to details like the sensations and textures to win in quality. In this sense, the stone walls get make a major visual impact to interior design introducing the beauty of the natural material and adding a rustic touch to the whole.

It is a tendency of some boldness that is interesting to know to learn to apply it in perspective. It would be inappropriate to cover all the walls with stone cladding while a very small or poorly placed detail could be overlooked without achieving the desired effect. For this reason, bet on the feature wall technique is most useful to take advantage of the stone walls in the interior method.

There is a huge variety of textures and colors to choose from that can be adapted easily to virtually all decorative styles. Thus, with a finer finish or a more natural result, coatings imitation or stone walls can be part of a rustic decor elements integrated seamlessly between wood and textiles from natural fibers. Meanwhile, using this type of wall as contrast enhancer, it is interesting to introduce the stone within a set featuring contemporary minimalist lines. In this case, the combination with polished steel finish and transparent glass surface to get emphasize the naturalness of the stone beauty of clean lines of industrial materials.

For selection of colors will require an overview of the whole inside decorating. From soft to get light to the most colorful tones they are able to integrate with the great diversity of stones for interior walls leading to endless possibilities. To succeed in selecting the color, the type of stone and the combination of elements, it is interesting the use of specific planning programs and hiring full service interior to benefit from the experience of professionals in the sector.

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