Spring has arrived and, although it may be a bit early for sunbathing, there are some nice days you want to sit for a while on your terrace or garden. Therefore, we will give you some tips to go paving the way to enjoy these days where the weather.

Find your environment

It does not matter if you have a balcony, a patio, terrace or garden, no matter the size, since there is furniture for large and small spaces, to suit all personal needs and conditions. Yes, it is important that the space is well designed, take advantage of the space, which takes into account the direction and the situation, which conceals potential space problems we may have.

Enjoy the great outdoors

At this time the terrace becomes your space star because, although you eat indoors, take a coffee outdoors is a pleasure. Choose the place considering the use you are going to do. If you want to spend your evenings al fresco, better be ‘safe’ from sunlight, if, instead, what you like are the nights outdoors, opt for a protected site air. Also, note that by the summer we may find ourselves with that wind or cloud lay upon you nancy.

A combination of a sofa and an armchair, a coffee table, will become the ideal place for a coffee or a drink. It is important that it is a comfortable place, where you can enjoy long evenings

An outside dining area

The first thing you think about is what you’re going to spend: if you like to invite everyone, if you usually do not have visitors at home … And then have to adjust your idea to your space. You can opt for an extendable table which suits any number of diners, one of 10 places for large family meals; or a small model, you can always supplement with a side table. We recommend that you have a auxiliary carriage, as they are very practical to relieve the main surface.

The idea is not to have a picnic in your garden, but to take advantage of the outdoors, so we recommend you stay out the same amenities inside the house as tablecloths or dishes for maximum enjoyment.

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