If you’re expecting a baby, one of the issues that often do more illusion is the decoration of the room smaller. And the tradition is that if what is to be born is a boy, the predominant color is blue, whereas if we expect a girl decant the rose. However, more and more those who decide to flee from these traditions and find new alternatives.

Well because you want to start decorating before knowing the sex or simply because you want to escape formalisms, let’s talk to some less popular colors but also ideal for the smaller room.


Orange is one of the colors in the palette that more joy transmitted, and few things are happier than the arrival of a small, making it ideal for decorating your bedroom. If you decant this color, we recommend using white for the furniture, and you add some sweet illustration. The contrast created with the vividness of orange is spectacular.


Although it is very similar to the celestial classic, it has a greenish touch that makes it a little different and a little more about the latest trends in house decoration. As in the previous case, the combination with white furniture is ideal, but we can also do the opposite, ie, paint the walls white and turquoise touch to the furniture.


White, beige or stone color can give the room a touch sweet and quiet ideal for a baby, whether boy or girl. In addition, any decoration store or baby accessories you can find items in these tones, so it will not be difficult to decorate the baby room with an air that is out of the ordinary without being too flashy.


Another option you can choose for your small room is simply leave the wood with his usual color. This allows you to combine them with bedspreads and curtains in white or any other color, so you can make a change to the room if you fancy without changing the furniture. Ideal for those who intend to make changes as the child grows option.

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