Although we have a few days it seems that spring resists us, summer is here. The fabrics are always an ally in home decoration. Transform environments, lower grades of stays, put a note of life and positivism. The key elements of these tissues are the sheets, curtains and cushions.

Natural fabrics

Heat, home textiles that address requires high temperatures, light fabrics and more neutral or colorful tones. Avoid dark colors that absorb heat and chooses textures such as linen, silk or light cotton. It’s time to lay off the winter and welcoming light and good weather.

The arrival of good weather and high temperatures our closets are filled with summer clothes at home and try to find the fresh tissues to withstand the high temperatures and the summer best.

Natural fabrics, clear or vibrant colors and fabrics are the watchwords excitment to make fabrics the perfect complement to your summer decor. The fabrics for summer are the most desirable natural. Light and fresh suit every need, and also they integrate well in any style.

Silk, linen and cotton

Each tissue has different characteristics so some are more appropriate for summer and others are for the winter. Natural fibers are the most suitable for summer because they allow the body to perspire. The freshest natural fabrics are silk, linen or cotton.

Silk naturally regulates the temperature stays cool in summer and warm in winter, what happens is that its price is high. With a visually rich, can play with colors and textures.

Linen is a very cool fabric but finishing is not very pleasant to the touch. Linens washed in natural colors combined with any pattern.

As cotton is the best choice for the sheets. Keep in mind that there are different blends of cotton, include satin and percale. Satin is uncovered as an option similar to silk with a glossy finish quality while maintaining a very smooth, while percale sheets are more durable thanks to the high density of threads that compose it. Note thread count indicated on the label is The higher the count, the better the feeling of the sheets. Try to count the sheets around 250 threads are and shuns those with a count below 175.

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