Christmas is approaching and with it comes peace, love and, of course, the characteristic beauty of this time of year. Year after year we look forward to these dates so we can share with our family, eat the most delicious dishes, surprise our loved ones with gifts and, above all, decorate our home.

If, like us, the Christmas spirit invades you, the best way to prove it is through the decoration of your house or apartment, especially if it is the tree and fireplace at Christmas.

A tree in your style

Putting a Christmas tree does not have to be complicated. You just need good lights and decorate it with spheres, stars and other types of Christmas figures. The important thing is that it combines with the rest of the decor of your home and that if you plan to do some remodeling, put it in place before placing Christmas at home.

If your tastes are classic, you can always choose sober and elegant colors like gold and silver, if you want your tree to look like one out of a decoration magazine, red never fails. But you can also risk colorful decorations in pastels or see what color and designs are in fashion this year according to trends of interior design for the season.

Under the tree you can place a carpet or skirt specially designed to fit perfectly with the trunk of the tree, whether natural or synthetic. If you have children you can place an electric little train that turns the tree and clear packed gift boxes.

The warmth of the decoration in the fireplace

The chimney, so it is off, brings an exquisite warmth to the home when it is Christmas. There are endless ways to decorate it, and it does not necessarily have to be with the typical socks with names that we see in classic Christmas films.

A professional interior designer will always recommend that you decorate your houses with the flowers and plants of the station. In this case, the pine branches, the pineapples produced by this tree and the beautiful red Christmas flowers called Easter flowers, are the ideal to take advantage of the flora of the season.

The pine branches can be used as a crown on the chimney, while placing a few pineapples next to candles the shelf of the same is a simple but very beautiful decoration. As for Easter flowers, simply plant them in pots and accompany them with the Christmas decorations of your preference to give this sweet and natural touch to your home.

And if you put a mirror on your fireplace and decorate it with a Christmas wreath will not only look beautiful, but will reflect in it all the lights of the tree and the rest of the decorations in your living room.

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