Bathroom decor goes beyond getting a nice aesthetic consistent with the style of the users. Furthermore, it is essential to take into account the maximum comfort and functionality of the various spaces and maximum use of them to move comfortably and clean unimpeded. To achieve this goal and lead to such a practical and well organized bathroom is particularly interesting to follow some decorating tips.

In order to obtain the amplitude as needed for comfort in use it is recommended to use the bathroom cabinets and wall cabinets and under the sink. Thanks to this type of furniture you can avail all the holes to keep utensils and accessories leaving the rest of the bathroom to move comfortably. The cabinets anchored to the wall, also have another great advantage associated with cleaning. This is because, lacking legs and rise above the ground, these cabinets allow easy floor cleaning easily accessing every corner.

To maximize space by maximizing the use of hangers that can be placed in any small wall or the door to leave no unused area is also recommended. In the same vein, banks trunk type or boxes that allow a seat and at the same time open to keep things inside they are an ideal formula because of their status as two in one. Another element of this type radiators are designed to hang towels that allow keeping the room warm and tissues.

When looking for a larger space must not forget the importance of feeling produced by selected items. When you decide to put a series of shelves on a wall, the light appearance of the glass elements increase the feeling of space around the set. In this sense it is interesting the use of glass partitions in shower and large mirrors that reflect the total space doubling.

These tips help to achieve a more comfortable bathroom but, facing daily cleaning it is recommended to use furniture with door instead of open shelves and drawers that allow save all utensils bathroom and leave outer space free to clean comfortably at any time.

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