From a certain age it is essential that children are to study and do their homework every day for a while. And for this, it is best to have a private study area that allows them to concentrate fully. Providing a space where they have them all and it is enjoyable encourage them to study and also to enjoy the study itself.

The study is a habit more than anything. It is created, not born by itself, so promoting the ideal conditions to do especially since children, it is fundamental. Some things like read with adequate light, correct posture, have everything they need to study to reach, to store your things and materials and customize your area of work or study, are important aspects to consider when designing workspaces for children.

Where to place

If you work at home and have a stay would be perfect office designed to make room for children in the same space. If it is not workspaces for children it can be located in your own bedroom or any other room in the house quiet. As children grow older it is essential to adapt your play space and create for them a place where they can do their homework and enjoy activities such as reading or drawing.

Natural light is a very important element to consider, so agree or place the desk facing the window, or make him between light on the opposite side to the writing hand. North-facing windows to be the best option since the light is indirect. Failure to install the study area in this way and having to choose artificial light we must know that it is best to place the adjustable lamp with a bulb warm light and the place it against the hand the child uses to write and not create awkward shadows.

Right furniture

When the room is shared it is essential correctly plan the work area so that each of them have its limited space so as not to invade the study area on the other. If we try to put a desk space with room for two people so you can invite your friends to do homework. When the meters are scarce, we must exercise can make the most of the space, creating a study area or under a bunk bed in height.

Folding tables can be a very good solution for small but always with matt surface spaces. It better be matte or satin, as if bright produces annoying reflections when light strikes it and for this reason will cost more effort to focus properly. As for the seat will select chairs instead of stools to encourage good posture education. comfortable chair right size, that’ll change as the child grows.

It is also important to have storage solutions for toys and other items such as pencils and other stationery. We can stimulate creativity placing little work in his corner a board or a board where you can go hang their drawings.

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